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AUTO DETAILING             

We offer different levels of auto detailing for your individual needs.
We can do interiors and simple washes to complete details.

interiors starting at $135.00
Interiors can include shampooing your carpets, wiping down interior, cleaning
and treating your leather, windows inside, wiping dash area.

Spot removal, dog hair, etc. will incur additional costs.

super washes starting at $130.00
super washes can include quick wash of exterior, vacuum interior, windows inside and out, quick wipe of interior

Dog hair, mag chloride,  etc. will incur additional costs

complete detail starts at $250.00
including hand wash and wax of exterior, dress tires, door jams, windows inside and out,
wipe interior dash and doors, clean and treat leather, shampoo carpets

Dog hair, spot removal, mag chloride, etc. will incur additional costs

These are the most requested packages. 

We also do windshield repair and can do this at the same time of other work or by appointment.

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